Creative Ways To Use Your Blackstone Carpets and Rug Selection

Creative Ways To Use Your Blackstone Carpets and Rug Selection

As designers, we’re always setting the bar high for our next showcase, by incorporating new trends, adding or rearranging decor, looking for the newest piece or replacing new carpets and rugs. With great options like Sisal, Soft Seagrass, Moroccan, and Contemporary carpets and rugs available to you, there’s a whole world of possibilities when it comes to applying them to your designs. Check out some creative ways to use some popular styles, prints, and trends:

Blackstone Carpet Exclusives: Mix and Match

Consider making your flooring your statement piece with designer carpets from Blackstone. Layer an animal print rug over a Sisal carpet, or vice versa. Make it pop with Blackstone exclusives like Debby, Gabriella, Indira or Zirah! Blackstone Carpets’ designer rugs, carpets, and exclusive patterns are guaranteed to turn heads and make your design space pop with the perfect mix-match!

Moroccan, For The Finishing Touch

Three rugs, one message: For added flair, Moroccan is the way to go. Blackstone knows that keeping it simple and elegant is important to some designers, but for those looking for that one certain element to their design, consider using designer Moroccan rugs in the entry way, restroom, or as the statement piece in the living room. However you use your Moroccan rug, it’s sure to draw eyes and attention to the space.

Designer Carpets and Rugs with Texture 101

Designers everywhere know that texture is key. It is the most crucial aspect of a good show-space. Combining textures can be risky, but luckily Blackstone has the knowledge and selection readily available to create head-turning pieces, like the one pictured. Go from a simple wood or tile finish to a one-of-a-kind look by adding a textured designer carpet or a rug.

Don’t Forget The Rods!

What holds your design all together while adding the last touch of flair? Stair rods! Stair rods should not be overlooked, as they provide the finishing touches that wrap and complete your look. Blackstone Carpets is proud to offer two collections – Classic and the King Henry V.

Get Creative with Blackstone Carpets Exclusive Designer Collections!

Creative designing starts with an idea. Blackstone Carpets is guaranteed to give you the look and feel your design needs, while providing the exclusivity that you can only find with our expansive designer list and selection. How will you make your space stand out? With texture, Moroccan, Sisal, Animal and Soft Seagrass, your possibilities are endless.