All About Your Sisal Carpet From Blackstone Carpets

All About Your Sisal Carpet From Blackstone Carpets

While creating your newest design or remodel, you have probably heard or read the term “Sisal”. But what exactly is sisal? Sisal is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers – qualities that make it a preferred material for carpet and rugs. Blackstone Carpets is proud to offer exclusive, one-of-a-kind wholesale sisal carpets for your next interior design project.

Why Should I Select Sisal?

Sisal carpet is a natural carpet fiber extracted from the Agave plant’s long, spiny leaves, which helps create healthy indoor humidity levels and prevent build-up of static electricity. It is a highly durable carpet, often used in heavy traffic areas and higher end homes. Often, sisal carpets are bound with a canvas border (about an inch wide) for a more tailored finish. Sisal carpets do not trap dust or allergens. In addition, sisal carpets are generally neutral colored, which compliments most furniture, decors, and paint colors in your interior design.

Blackstone Carpets offers various types of exclusively crafted sisal carpets for your interior design layout:

  • Outdoor Sisal

Blackstone Carpets Outdoor sisal is 100% organic and reversible for your outdoor design layouts. This pure, natural sisal designer carpet adds the finishing touches to bring your outside landscape to life, creating a setting that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Soft Sisal

Soft Sisal in Diamond-Grey

Soft sisal is a proprietary blend of fibers from various natural and sisal plant species. Blackstone Carpets has a unique process of smoothing, spinning and blending these natural fibers to create your exclusive designer sisal carpet! As with most carpets, stains and spotting do occur. However, Blackstone’s soft sisal is 25% more stain resistant than regular sisal and will not water spot, making maintenance less of a hassle. Blackstone Carpets currently offers soft sisal carpet in 16 different designs and colors, each hand-loomed to give every rug it’s own individual look.

  • Stainless Sisal
stainless sisla sparta blackstone carpets designer carpets and rugs

Stainless Sisal in Sparta

Our stainless sisal is a brand new wholesale carpet product to Blackstone Carpets. It is a traditional sisal that stains 50% less than regular sisals and does not water-spot. Stainless sisal from Blackstone Carpets is available in five designs and colors for your interior design selection, and is perfect for high-traffic areas such as the dining room or hallway, where spills and traction over-time occur most frequently. Each designer carpet features intricate woven patterns, exclusive to Blackstone Carpets.

  • Soft Seagrass
soft seagrass bermuda blackstone carpets designer carpets and rugs sisal carpets

Soft Seagrass Sisal in Bermuda

Soft seagrass sisal is a blend of marsh grasses, or salt marsh plants, and other natural grass fibers. It is created by a process similar to that of soft sisal, resulting in a unique, soft-to-the-touch feel. Soft seagrass sisal comes in three unique and exclusive designer patterns, and is only available at Blackstone Carpets.



  • Recommended Maintenance

If a spill occurs, place paper towels upon the area and stand on the spot to “wick” out the moisture, then repeat until nearly dry. Use a spray bottle with water to dilute what is left, and repeat the “wick” process. This procedure will eliminate nearly 90% of stains in all types of designer carpets, including your sisal carpet.

Blackstone Carpets Exclusives For Your Next Design

Designer sisal carpets are guaranteed to give you the look and feel your design needs, while providing the exclusivity that you can only find at Blackstone Carpets. Sisal carpets are designed to be environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting with proper maintenance and care. With an extensive list of options for indoor and outdoor spaces, Blackstone Carpets has you taken care of and call us today!