Sneak Peak At 2017 Color Trends To Dominate Interior Design

Sneak Peak At 2017 Color Trends To Dominate Interior Design

As any good interior designer knows, inviting new tones and hues to your space sets you apart from the rest – “out with the old, in with the new.” 2017 has just begun, and we are already seeing the new trends taking the industry by storm! While searching for the newest trends, you know your space is not complete without the perfect carpet or accent rug – and working with Blackstone Carpets, the oldest wholesale flooring distributors in the Southwest, guarantees that our exclusive designer collection of carpets and rugs will bring your idea and designs to life.

When forecasting the color trends for the year, designers draw information from the runway, they scour showrooms, trade shows and magazines for trends. Then, they take all of that information and translate it into what colors we’ll be wearing and decorating within the next year. When considering what Blackstone Carpets has to offer to accentuate and bring together your vision, take into account some of the latest trends, texture, selections and exclusive products that can transform and bring new energy into your remodel.

  • Neutrals Reign Supreme

Vinyl- RollsIt’s of no surprise that neutral colors have stood the test of time and continue to be one of the leading color trends every year. Now, neutrals are being sought after in larger purchases, such as sofas, carpets, and large designer area rugs. Simple, balancing hues promote a temporary disconnect from the digital realm in favor of getting back to the basics. These simplified colors are packed with longevity and manage to be forward-thinking without being too trendy.

  • Bold Looks That Turn Heads

Violet came in as a surprise in the last few years, catching fire and quickly spreading into decor pieces and finishing touches within homes. From there it made its way to the runway shows, and now it’s lightening as it crosses into the home: popular variations include violet, wine and true purple.Rugs- Contemporary

Right after the turn of the century, blue surged in popularity and has been a staple in design ever since. This comfortable, soothing color is associated with dependability, constancy and peace. Now every product in the industry uses some type of blue, and many are paired with brown, from chocolate to taupe.

A few trends that popped up, but still have not quite taken off (but we hope to see do!) are:

– Red as a bold accent

– Classic black and white designs

– Brown and blue combinations (paired with red or an acid green accent piece)

– Pastel accent walls

  • What’s Not Selling?

While you may be committed to your tride-and-true colors while putting together your concept space, there are two trends that many designers all say is fading out gradually:

– Sunny, true yellows that can wash out a room and mask the items the designer picks out, such as decor and designer carpets and rugs.

– Bright orange, unless it’s earthy, deep orange or corals – and even then, those are used only as accents.

  • The Colors (And Carpets and Rugs) Are Coming!

blackstone carpets and rugs color trends designer carpets and rugs wholesale flooringThe state of color has never been more restless. Cultural flux, feisty self-expression and soulful nostalgia are combining to paint an emerging portrait of our shared future – starting with our living spaces. It all starts here – whether you are looking for a one-room fix, or starting over from scratch – we know that your designs thrive on exceptional and high-quality materials! Let us help, get in touch with us today – and if you need a designer, we have an expansive list to fit your needs! Happy designing!