Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Blackstone Carpets as a resource for wholesale carpets and rugs?

Our Process and the simple fact that we are easy to do business with. It is efficient and helps you as a designer meet and exceed your clients’ expectations. We quickly provide samples, make it simple to get your orders placed quickly and only require a deposit to start processing your order.

How much experience does Blackstone Carpets have in the flooring industry?

We have been in the industry since 1955. Blackstone Carpets is one of the oldest wholesale flooring distributors in the Southwest United States. We are a true wholesaler and flooring professional that works directly with the interior design trade.

Does Blackstore Carpets sell to the public?

Unfortunately we do not. We cater specifically to the design trade only. If you aren’t already working with an interior designer, we can help by connecting you to a few of our Designers.

Does Blackstone Carpets only serve designers in the Dallas area?

We work with designers throughout the entire United States. If you’re outside the Dallas area, we simply bring our showroom to you! Easily search through our website or contact us directly and we’ll help you find exactly what you need; we will quickly send you samples too. We’ll handle your order directly and can ship everything directly to your installer.

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