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Like Walking On Air Lokrton II Carpet Pad is the “State Of The Art” Cushion that reduces leg, foot and back fatigue.

For Commercial Installations.

With it’s close cell construction, you are walking literally on millions of tiny air filled balloons.
The same cushion in top grade jogging shoes.

Fabric surface minimizes carpet wrinkling. Enlarged section of LOKTRON II tm shows the tiny air filled balloons that create a superior cushion like walking on air.


  • Density Bulletin
  • #968: 14-16 Lbs./Ft.3
  • Thickness.
  • 250 IN.
  • CFD
  • @ 25% ASTM D-3574-81: 4.5 PSI
  • CFD
  • @ 65% ASTM D-3574-81: 33.3 PSI
  • Support Factor Ratio
  • CFD 65% to 25%: 7.4
  • Compression Set
  • @ 50% ASTM D-3574-81: 5.5%
  • Tensile Strength FTMS
  • 191-5300: 133.7 Lbs.
  • Elongation FTMS
  • 191-5300: 17.6%
  • Flammability
  • DOC-FF-1-70: Passes
  • Radiant Panel
  • ASTM-E-648: CLASS I
  • NBS Smoke Chamber
  • ASTM-E-662: 95
  • Thermal “R” Factor
  • ASTM-C 518-76: 2.4 IN.
  • Available Width
  • 6′
  • Special Order
  • Width 12′
  • Roll Length
  • Approx 75′


  • Outstanding carpet support — will not “bottom out”!
  • Super sound insulator!
  • Outstanding thermal insulator!
  • Will not deteriorate due to moisture, mild, or mildew!
  • Resists the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing germs!
  • Virtually eliminates restretching of carpet due to delamination!
  • Passes DOC FF 1-70 Pill Test!
  • Passes ASTM-E-648-Radiant Panel Test Class I!
  • Non-Allergenic!
  • An all purpose carpet cushion!
  • Engineered and designed for commercial and industrial contact – heavy traffic areas — for schools, churches, banks, hotels, offices, and, of course, residential use!
  • Ideal for stairway and hallway use!

With its closed cell construction, you are walking on literally millions of tiny air filled balloons. The same cushion as in top grade jogging shoes. Reduces leg, foot and back fatigue!

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