Designing For The Holidays With Blackstone Carpets

Designing For The Holidays With Blackstone Carpets

The holiday season is fast approaching! Between decorating your new properties, organizing to showcase your newest models, floor plans, and homes, getting ready for the busy season is always on your radar year-round. Luckily, working with Blackstone Carpets, one of the oldest wholesale flooring distributors in the Southwest, guarantees that our exclusive collection of carpets and rugs will bring your idea and designs to life.

A quick look online will show you hundreds of trends in the carpet industry, making it difficult to narrow down exactly what you need for your projects. When considering what Blackstone Carpets has to offer to accentuate and bring together your vision, take into account some of the latest trends for this holiday season.

What’s New in Designer Carpets at Blackstone Carpets?

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  • Texture

Around the beginning of each year, a lot of designers and wholesalers reveal their newest product lines, which kickstarts the trend of the new year. One consistent trend that never changes? Texture. For the past several years, trends have reflected an increased demand for texture, both palpably and visually. When selecting your new carpet for your design, remember that it is all about texture and adding movement and life to your floor – from shooting for a Christmas-themed room, to laying out your perfect Thanksgiving dining room banquet, every detail matters.

Keeping texture at the forefront of your holiday designing will help showcase all that you have to offer. Selecting your carpet or rugs texture down to the detail of the fibers is important in the layouts of your holiday planning, optimizing and bringing out the fall and winter decor. The wide selection from Blackstone Carpets are customized according to your design, color, size, shape and specifications.

  • Color and Patterns

The break out trend in 2016 for patterns was the cut and loop styles. Of course, the pin dot and geometric patterns are still current and can be found in a range of collections and colors for designers to choose from. Color trends are focused towards grey, which can stand its their own or allow a canvas for pops of bright color in the rest of the design space (i.e. pillows, window treatments, decor). 

Blackstone Carpets’ exclusive, hand-picked wholesale designer carpets and rugs are unique and customized to your specific needs. Knowing which patterns, collections, and colors that will make your holiday showcase pop is important to you and us as well. Our Design Studio serves as an inspirational focal point, for some additional ideas, crafted by just some of our several professional interior designers who know a thing or two about holiday design! When it comes to future trends and holiday planning, bold and bright colors will be lighting up our floors as we ring in 2017!

  • Rugs For All Occasions

Area rugs are often the focal point of the room to help centralize and ground the furniture. As these are usually placed on top of hardwood flooring, they look great when you provide a nice contrast is texture and color vs. the wood floors. Reminisce about that nice, warm wool sweater you had when you were younger – Blackstone Carpets area rugs are reminiscent of that cozy feeling.

Holiday Designing? Blackstone Carpets Can Help

What will you decide on for your holiday feature? Blackstone Carpets has the widest selection of wholesale carpets and rugs – from Contemporary to Moroccan, Soft Seagrass to Soft Sisal – whatever you are thinking for your holiday design layouts can be brought to life with Blackstone Carpets. Let us help, get in touch with us today – and if you need a designer, we have an expansive list to fit your needs! Happy designing!