Your Remodel, Your Way, With Blackstone Carpets

Your Remodel, Your Way, With Blackstone Carpets

Redesigning your interior rooms, or starting from scratch, has so many factors that plays into it: for starts, what color scheme will you be using? Is there a theme you want to appeal to your guests? Decor, lighting, spacing – and more importantly, your flooring. As a designer, you know your space is not complete without the perfect carpet or accent rugs to bring your concept to life – and you know working with Blackstone Carpets, the oldest wholesale flooring distributors in the Southwest, guarantees that our exclusive designer collection of carpets and rugs will bring your idea and designs to life.

A quick look will show you hundreds of trends in the carpet industry, making it difficult to narrow down exactly what you need for your projects. When considering what Blackstone Carpets has to offer to accentuate and bring together your vision, take into account some of the latest trends, texture, selections and exclusive products that can transform and bring new energy into your remodel.

  • What Makes Blackstone Carpets Designer Carpets The Best?

designer carpets and rugs selections blackstone carpets wholesale distributionWith over 50,000 samples of carpets, the samples alone do not fill up the carpet department. English Axminsters, European Wiltons, Italian Velvets, as well as American Tufted are but a few of the many selections. Several prestigious designer floor covering collections have sought out Blackstone Carpets for their wholesale distribution and remodeling needs.

Rugs of every type, from Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional, and Southwest are available with several designs and patterns to select from. New custom carpet and rug programs are available from Blackstone’s award winning staff.

Our Design Studio and Designer Exclusives have all you need to select the perfect commercial, wholesale, and designer carpets and rugs – why would you look anywhere else?

  • What Else?

When you select Blackstone Carpets and Rugs to help you with your redesign, you get a bundle of things that will give you the peace of mind you need while finishing your interior designing plans:

– All colors in rugs and carpets are custom dyed (Chromatone Color Atlas System used to assist in color matching and pom selection)

– All yarn is 100% New Zealand wool

– We offer hand-tufted area rugs in 100% Nylon (DuPont Antron), blends of 80% Wool/20% Nylon, and Antique Silk finish

– Ease of ordering, with no complicated formulas

Your remodel does not have to be complicated or a drawn-out process, when you work with Blackstone Carpets and Rugs you will get the highest quality of designer carpets and commercial rugs for your layout – every time, every selection.

  • Remodeling Your Interior Design Space, Your Way

designer carpets and rugs blackstone carpets wholesale The more informed you are about the process and selection of your wholesale carpet and rugs from Blackstone Carpets, the better the outcome of your remodel/redesign of your interior space. It all starts here – whether you are looking for a one-room fix, or starting over from scratch – we know that your designs thrive on exceptional and high-quality materials! Let us help, get in touch with us today – and if you need a designer, we have an expansive list to fit your needs! Happy designing!